Welcome to the UK's
Right to Build Register

Would you like the opportunity to design and create your own home at a price you can afford?

Your right to build

Are you aware legislation came into effect in April 2016 giving you the right to build or commission your own home, enabling you to live in a home you love for a price you can afford?

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What is the right to build register?

The Right to Build Register is a new digital platform connecting every local planning authority with individuals and community groups that are interested in building or commissioning their own homes.

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How to register your demand

Why Right to Build?

The UK’s new housing stock has been delivered almost exclusively by large, national housebuilders for many years. Sprawling ‘copy and paste’ housing estates – with uninspiring, predictable and over-priced designs. Some of the reasons you might consider building or commissioning your own home are:

A first step on
the housing ladder

First time buyers can create a quality and affordable new home, paying less than a traditional new build.


You can live in a high quality home which is lighter, better insulated and more energy efficient than more traditional dwellings.

Spaces that work
as hard as you do

Create an inspired work space in your home, whether you crave a separate room, multi-purpose area, or a studio in your garden.

Family living

Whether you prefer open plan living or like to be able to close a door on a defined play area, the choice is yours!

Downsizing in

Cut your bills and enjoy a home that is more accessible, sustainable and comfortable for your later years.

Community /

Coming together as a group can enable people to create developments where home owners choose to share some common spaces and enjoy a sense of community and belonging

Get involved!

You can choose to register as an individual, or as a group. If you register as an individual, local authorities will look to permit individual serviced plots in your area. If you register as a group, larger serviced plots will be permitted suitable for several homes or apartments.

Sharing’s caring! Everyone can benefit from better housing, so be sure to ask others you know to exercise their right to build also.