Why Right to Build?

The housing sector in the UK is in a state of crisis. It suffers from a crippling lack of delivery due to being reliant on a select few volume house builders for too long and very little capacity to build at scale by other builders in key locations.

The UK needs 300,000 new homes each year by the end of 2021, however only 1% of housebuilders believe this to be achievable. Due to the soaring demand for new homes land values and house prices have rocketed, and our young people are dubbed as “Generation Rent”.

There is a requirement for fundamental change.


Diversify housing supply

The key to increasing supply of any product is to increase the number of suppliers capable of producing it. For housing this has been especially difficult due to the strangle hold that major housebuilders have enjoyed on our housing sector. Therefore in 2016 the Government took a bold and ambitious step; they gave people the power to build or commission their own home anywhere in England.


By doing so a new sector has emerged. It is called ‘custom build’ and it is a sector which supports the re-introduction of SME housebuilders and tradesmen, as well as architects back into housebuilding on a local and regional level. It is enabling everyday people in every part of the country to take back control of their local area by increasing housing choice, quality of build and making those higher quality homes affordable for more people.


This solution of ordinary people procuring their own homes is accelerating the net number of units the country is building as a whole which helps to decrease the housing deficit.



Why should I build or commission my own home when I can buy one already built?

There are a number of reasons, but perhaps the most poignant is it can often be cheaper, yes cheaper! As this new sector is underpinned on the idea that buyers purchase a plot and either build or commission their home to be built, there is no developer profit in the construction of the new home. In fact, many people will save up to 20% when compared to buying a similar sized, off the shelf property from a volume housebuilder! Buyers can also save on Stamp Duty Tax and they may be entitled to claim their VAT back on all the materials and labour used to build their new home.


Other reasons include being more environmentally conscious. Did you know the average new home can omit over 70 chemicals into the air inside your home? This is due to cheap materials used to increase developer profit. By adopting a fabric first approach you can build a home to your own design and ensure you and your family are as healthy as they can be while living there.


You can get what you want in terms of design both inside and out. Choose to work with an architect to design a home from scratch or customise an already designed house, townhouse or apartment and have it built to your specification; the choice is yours!


Perhaps you are approaching retirement and you are questioning how much of your pension will be sunk into the running and maintenance of your home. Why not choose to downsize and design a home to be built to a high quality which will dramatically reduce utility bills as well as be designed to keep you active around the house in your later years?


Whatever your reason for doing so, we should all be able to agree that increasing design standards, environmental standards and affordability for our younger people is something everyone should support.


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Right to Build Legislation is designed to accelerate the growth of new housing by empowering YOU to design and build your own home, or commission a home to be built to your specification.

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How to Register

Since the ‘Right to Build’ Legislation came into effect, there have been a variety of registers in different formats. But to really get off the ground, this needs a consistent approach.

What happens to my data?

The Right to Build Register is a safe and compliant platform. Your data will be held on a secure national server and no data will be passed to third parties without your express permission.