What is the Right to Build?

For too many years, UK housing has been supplied almost exclusively by a select few volume house builders. This has resulted in a continual rise in house prices and poor-quality housing for everyday people. You can help buck this trend by registering with the Right to Build Register.


The Legislation

From 1st of April 2016, legislation has been in effect granting you the right to build or commission your own home in the area you wish to live. Every local authority has an obligation to satisfy the demand for custom and self-build housing, in its entirety, by granting planning permissions for suitable serviced plots within a three-year period up to or above the number of registrations made for their area each year.

Legislation and Policy, most noticeably the amended National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) also obligates local authorities to consider “all sources of qualified demand” not only the demand held specifically by the Council. This guidance to all local planning authorities has enabled the Right to Build Register to open doors which were once closed and begin to work with developers and planners to enable new opportunities for housing which directly reflects the needs and wants of those registered with us. This is demand and people led housing!


How can we improve and diversify our housing supply?

The Right to Build Register can improve and diversify housing supply across the country. By registering your demand to live in a home which has been designed specifically to meet your needs, we can help local planning authorities make better decisions on which planning applications to approve and work with developers to facilitate opportunities which are attractive to you. This will result in more serviced plots being made available for all house types, including apartments!


What is a serviced plot and why would I want one?

A serviced plot is a piece of land which has been prepared by a developer to be ready for a new home to be built on. All serviced plots have planning permission already agreed with the local planners and all utilities brought to their boundary. Ordinarily utilities include; electricity, drainage, gas, telecoms and water. In rural areas gas might not be available, but we are seeing an increase in air and ground source heating solutions which is better for our environment.

Developments where you can buy a serviced plot have already emerged. Long Four Acres in Norfolk and Graven Hill in Oxfordshire are excellent examples of new home developments where buyers can purchase their plot and work with their own design and build professionals to create a home as they wish it to be.


Not all serviced plots are for detached 'Grand Designs' style homes!

A serviced plot can also be sold to multiple people to develop townhouses or even apartments. The demand for new housing is often concentrated in or around major cities as these are the locations where many people work and need to be connected to.

We are already seeing developers facilitating custom designed apartments in locations such as London and Manchester where space is at a premium. These developments can make buying a new home more affordable, which is the number one reason why homeownership in UK cities is unachievable for some many.

Some people like to come together as a group before they find a serviced plot. You can now do this with the Right to Build Register by applying together. Your group application can help us work with the local planning authority in your area to identify a serviced plot which could be made available to design a housing scheme for the whole group. This is often called community housing, or if your group wishes to create some shared living space, a co-housing scheme might be the way to go.


Choose to build your new home or have someone build it for you

Purchasing a serviced plot does not mean you have to build your own home, although you can if you wish! There is a choice.

Either you can self-build your own home, which may involve some actual construction work as well as taking on the project management required to coordinate the completion of a new home, or you can commission your house design to be built on your behalf.


We can change the way our housing is supplied in the UK, now and in the future 

By registering you can help to disrupt the housing sector and empower society take back control and deliver the homes we want to live in. 

We now have the opportunity to make positive fundamental and lasting change and fix our broken housing market.

Register today!


Register now


As part of its pledge in 2015, the Government made fundamental changes to legislation with an increased focus on self build and the emerging custom build sector.

As a consequence, you have a legal Right to Build.

Where to next

What happens
to my data?

The Right to Build Register is a safe and compliant platform. Your data will be held on a secure national server and no data will be passed to third parties without your express permission.

Why right to build?

The housing sector in the UK is in a state of crisis. It suffers from a crippling lack of delivery due to being reliant on a select few volume house builders for too long and very little capacity to...

How do I register?

Since the ‘Right to Build’ Legislation came into effect, there have been a variety of registers in different formats. But to really get off the ground, this needs a consistent approach.