How to Register

Since the ‘Right to Build’ Legislation came into effect, there have been a variety of registers in different formats. But to really get off the ground, this needs a consistent approach.

The Right to Build Register is the only National register that allows you to register with multiple local authorities in just a few simple steps. There’s no need to duplicate information. Each individual register’s questions has been poured into ‘The Right to Build Register’ to simplify the process of exercising your Right to Build.

You can choose to register as an individual, or as a community group. If you register as an individual, the council will look to provide you with an individual serviced plot. If you register as a group, the council will try to provide a plot for the group to build several homes, or flats.

How long will it take?
The process of registering will take you around 10 minutes from start to finish. You won’t need any specific documents to register – just internet access and maybe a cup of tea or coffee for company. Don’t worry if you get interrupted, you can pick up where you left off later using your login details.


Register now

The Right to Build Register means our future housing isn’t simply designed for us by the big developers, it’s designed by us.

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What happens to my data?

The Right to Build Register is a safe and compliant platform. Your data will be held on a secure national server and no data will be passed to third parties without your express permission.